Thursday, April 5, 2012

Toyota UK says Top Gear boys to go on another Hilux adventure

The Toyota Hilux can attribute a fair portion of the its celebrity to the Top Gear crew's exuberant doting. After attempting to destroy the truck via a smattering of inhumane methods, traversing the frozen wastes of  the Arctic and braving the fires of Icelandic volcanoes, the show has given the globe-conquering Toyota more love than nearly any other model.

It looks as if that won't slow down anytime soon. According to Toyota, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond will once again take to the wheel of a specially-prepared Hilux for an all new challenge.

Just what will that task entail? Toyota is keeping its mouth shut at the moment, and Top Gear isn't typically one for spilling secrets early. Judging by the photos, however, it appears as if the vehicle will need to withstand substantial water crossings and support the trio for at least one night in the wild. Color us excited. Hit the jump for some of the vehicle's finer moments on the show.


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